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Founded in 2001, Fairmont Developers, LLC prides itself on its quality, green and modern rehabilitation of historical properties throughout the District of Columbia. We not only rehabilitate properties for sale (see Current Projects for Sale), but also provide contractor services to individuals seeking to renovate their homes.

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Proven Track Record

Our dedicated full-time team of builders are focused on the highest quality workmanship and materials, with environmental sustainability a core priority. We have a proven track record of teaming with architects to maximize clients' renovation budget and results. We have a strong network of established suppliers and contractors that we draw upon for each project. Our properties have received rave reviews from inspectors, customers and buyers alike.

awards & recognitions

From Angies List
This company is excellent for carpentry, bathrooms, kitchens, painting and extremely reliable general contracting. We hired them this year for work on our row house on S Street. We were redoing two bathrooms and taking out a wall. We had been warned that costs would double and the length of time it took to do the job would triple. Not with these guys. Jose and Carlos, the owners, kept to a brisk schedule, and we ended up keeping them waiting, as we took time to decide paint colors and fixtures. We loved their work -- our house turned out beautifully."
About Shepard Street
I just want to tell you again how much we greatly appreciate you, Carlos, and Fairmont Developers. I think that you are the best company ever, and I am so very thankful to have gotten to purchase a condo that you all created. If there is anything that I can do to spread the word and sing your praises or assist you with your business, please let me know. Frequently I talk you guys up at dinner parties and social gatherings. People always are shocked and respond with, "you love your developers? I didn't know that that even was possible! I've never heard of such a thing."
From 14th Street
I also wanted to let you know that I appreciate the quality of work that you do and am so happy I purchased one of your properties. I recently looked at another brand new condo building in the area and could tell immediately, though it looked nice because it was new, the builder had cut many corners and the end result made it seem like a rip off for the prices they were asking. Quality and usefulness are very important to me and I am beyond thrilled with my condo. Keep up the good work!“
From Angies List
We loved their work -- our house turned out beautifully. Their tiling was perfect, as was their woodworking. Even the paint job was impeccable. They were very responsive -- on email -- always arrived when they said they would, and double and triple checked at the end of the job that we were happy with what they had done. They have a very talented team of builders, who arrived on the dot. All have health insurance and all are paid decent wages. I highly recommend this company for anyone considering a renovation. "